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Podcasting = Authority.


Ultimate credibility. 

According to Edison Research, 32% of Americans watch or listen to podcasts. Not only that, the popularity of podcasts continues to rise.

In addition to filming your podcasts for later release, your podcasts will also stream to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. People love watching as it’s happening.

If you have a podcast show for your business, you’re positioning yourselves as the experts. Your competition probably doesn’t have a broadcast-ready podcast – but you do.

And, you’re a more interesting host, not to mention (much) better-looking.

Relevant topics.

Interesting guests. An enormous opportunity to showcase your expertise. People buy from people who they trust. A podcast is the ultimate way for people to see that you know what you’re talking about.

We’ll help you come up with a good guest list, and compelling topics (see below) to discuss each episode.


“Amazing things have happened since I started my podcast!  There’s literally no downside to having a podcast. New connections, new customers, and a rapidly growing audience.”

– Lettiann Southerland

Podcast Examples

The examples below show our 2 camera setup. The wide shot, and the medium/close-up. Every podcasting package includes 2 Canon C100 cameras, with 35mm lenses (for that nice depth-of-field) and a light package, giving a TV show look and feel for your podcast.

Pictured below, Jim Maffucio and Bob Fraser of Aspen Funds.


The wide cam (18mm)


The medium cam (50mm)

Pictured below, Lettiann Southerland and Trishy Reedy on an episode of Real Estate U with Lettiann


The wide cam (18mm)


The medium cam (50mm)

Real Estate U Podcast

We created this fun animated intro for Real Estate U. Your intro will be different, of course. The show will be branded with your podcast ‘bug’ in the lower right corner as shown in the video below.

Topic ideas

You’ll have a much clearer idea of what topics you’ll want to cover with your guests, but we’ll help you brainstorm topics. We also help book guests for the podcast depending on the industry and specific needs there might be. You’ll have access to our network to recruit quality and relevant guests for your new show! As discussed, your target guests will be top-performers in their area of expertise.

A podcast invitation creates massive goodwill with your guests because this is also a great PR/Advertising opportunity that you’re creating for your guest. Many people will say ‘no’ to a meeting, but ‘yes’ to a podcast appearance.

We also add graphics to the podcast reminding viewers to subscribe, like, and be notified when your episodes are posted!

Syndicating your podcast 


Managing and deploying your videos with SEO best practices is a bit like getting most of your teeth pulled.

At minimum there’s uploading, good SEO titling, writing keyword-dense descriptions, tagging, scheduling, creating end-screens, adding info cards, adding to playlists, and designing a great thumbnail image to get people clicking on it. That’s just the start.

If you don’t do all of those things you’re missing out on extra clicks (and dollars), which build your brand, sell your services, and get you ad revenue once you hit certain metrics.

Not checking every available syndication box will cost you marketing money and will be no small waste to your production budget.

The heavy lifting

Once the production is wrapped, we go to work on the post production. Our team of 10+ people handle the post production, and syndication process. As you might imagine – it’s a LOT of work.

Here’s what we do to make sure the biggest audience possible gets to enjoy your podcast:

✓ Youtube upload

✓ Intriguing title

✓ Keyword research

✓ Keyword-rich description

✓ Language selection

✓ Backlinks

✓ Keyword tagging

✓ and much more…



✓ Graphics are definitely a necessity here for an A+ roll out.

Example below:


Get your podcast listed on all major directories:

+ Apple Podcasts
+ Google Podcasts
+ Amazon Music
+ Pandora
+ Podcast Addict
+ Deezer
+ Spotify
+ iHeart Radio
+ Stitcher
+ Alexa
+ And more…

Reach 100 million people with your own channels…

✩ ROKU channel creation, distribution, and branded for your business. All graphics created for visual channel layout. 27 million subscribers.


✩ Apple TV channel created and branded for your business. All graphics created for visual channel layout. 33 million subscribers.

✩ Amazon Fire channel created and branded for your business. All graphics created for visual channel layout. 40 million subscribers.


✩ Amazon AW3 hosting account created to host all videos files for the above channels.

‘Podcast Puffs’ (approx. 1 min) subtitled excerpt videos, which serve as promos for a given episode. Puffs are posted earlier in the week before the new episode goes live. These clips are designed specifically for Instagram and can be distributed across other social media platforms as well. On Instagram, if the excerpt is longer than 1 minute, it is posted to IGTV which hosts longer videos.

The purpose of the puff is to create an appetite for the whole episode. Viewers see a punchy excerpt from the episode, then click the link in your bio to watch the rest of the show on your website.

This is what a podcast puff looks like:

✩ Unlimited use of our Social Media Software to publish to FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google My Business (this lasts for the length of the podcast blast and client is able to schedule/post other content freely as well) $35/month value.


Wow, that’s a lot. 

That time-consuming and exhaustive list is to bake-in all of the SEO best practices that make your videos ultra-findable by people who are interested in what you’re talking about.

In short, it makes your content easier to find and watch. Our hope and aim is for your videos to eventually appear on page 1 of Google search results, and that can only happen if the syndication process is handled with expertise. Remember, Google is looking to match search queries with the best content, so accurate optimization is critical here.

Our goal is to make your video listings so appealing that they will stand out from the other videos that also appear in your viewer’s search results. They’ll click YOUR video because it looks more enticing than the others. More effort has gone into it, so the video MUST be more informative than the next one, right?

You’ll get more clicks, viewing time, and new business relationships.

Simple as that.


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