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Know Your Customers

Retailers get to know their customers by name and recognize them when they come through the door. But the personal connection often gets lost when they use digital tools like email and Facebook to promote their business.

Mr. Green WiFi helps businesses know their customers better and grow sales by connecting real-world behavior with online experiences. Our WiFi platform lets you automatically track customer visits, build rich customer profiles, target communication more precisely and directly measure in-store impact.



Know Every Customer Better

Online businesses use a digital cookie to record customer visits and build rich profiles. Mr. Green WiFi uses your WiFi hotspot, in the same way, to help you know your customers better. It automatically records visits, validates contact info and adds demographic details.

You’ll know who’s coming in, what they are like and how often they are visiting, allowing you to create high-impact messaging and campaigns that drive measurable results.



Keep Customers Coming Back

For busy merchants, marketing is often near the bottom of their to-do list. Mr. Green WiFi makes it easy to match the right message with the right moment by listening for customer visits and sending targeted messages.

You can reward frequent visitors, welcome first-time guests and pull back lost customers. It happens automatically with Smart Emails. You know what works and what doesn’t because Mr. Green WiFi’s Customer Frequency Rate tracks the most important metric of all: How many customers actually walk in the door.


Manage Customer Satisfaction and Reputation

Nowadays, every customer’s smartphone is a megaphone. Good experiences can haunt a business for months. Mr. Green WiFi helps merchants stay on top of customer satisfaction and enhance their online reputation.

Simple satisfaction check-ins triggered by guest visits keep you in touch with their experiences. Issues can be remedied before they become bad reviews, while positive sentiments can be channelled to influential review sites. Real-time notifications keep you tapped into customer experience every minute of the day.



Mr. Green WiFi can be served up a number of ways to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to national chains. Installation is plug-and-play, so you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

We can ship you a pre-configured hotspot, or simply add Mr. Green WiFi to your existing WiFi. Our user-friendly application keeps it simple, and Mr. Green WiFi support is there any time you need help.


What is WiFi Marketing?


One of the biggest challenges that retail businesses face is connecting online marketing, where they now spend a huge portion of their budget, with the offline results when a customer walks through the door. WiFi marketing solves this problem in an elegant way.


How does WiFi marketing work?


WiFi marketing uses a free hotspot to automatically record customer visits and build a rich database. Merchants get a more complete picture of who their customers are and use this information to engage them with communication that is more relevant and timely.

How does WiFi marketing increases customer loyalty?


Getting customers to come back is challenging. Offering guest WiFi can help bring them in again. When customers connect to your hotspot, they provide contact info. Then, you can message customers with special offers. Messages can be triggered automatically when they visit. Sending personalized messages builds loyalty and can increase return visits by 3x.


How does WiFi marketing help other programs?


WiFi marketing can help make other marketing technologies and programs more effective. No single program captures 100% of the customers that come through a business’ doors. WiFi marketing can help fill in the gaps.

What do you need to get started?


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Management



Why is WiFi marketing a game-changer?


Online businesses use digital cookies to record customer visits, develop profiles, serve ads and track results. Because they can attribute marketing actions directly to consumer behavior, they are able to optimize their efforts using data as a guide.

What are the benefits of WiFi marketing?


  • Customer Demographics Reporting
  • Track “Actual” ROI on FB Advertising
  • Build an Audience / Customer Database
  • Automated Email For Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Event or Coupon Announcements To Your Customers
  • Reputation: Increase Reviews & Minimize Complaints

Choose your monthly package:

We have different types of monthly packages to choose from to suit your needs.
Plus a $199 one-time hardware fee per location.

  • Branded Hotspots
  • Building Guest Lists
  • Welcome Messages
  • Dashboards
  • Smart Emails
  • Send Targeted Emails
  • Customer Frequency Rate
  • Profile Enrichment
  • Satisfaction Check-Ins
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Reputation Builder
  • Enhanced Insights
  • Branded Hotspots
  • Building Guest Lists
  • Welcome Messages
  • Dashboards
  • Smart Emails
  • Send Targeted Emails
  • Customer Frequency Rate
  • Profile Enrichment
  • Satisfaction Check-Ins
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Reputation Builder
  • Enhanced Insights
  • Branded Hotspots
  • Building Guest Lists
  • Welcome Messages
  • Dashboards
  • Smart Emails
  • Send Targeted Emails
  • Customer Frequency Rate
  • Profile Enrichment
  • Satisfaction Check-Ins
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Reputation Builder
  • Enhanced Insights

Case Studies


High-volume, high- quality leads


Jim Butler Chevrolet islocated in Fenton, Mo and as the fastest growing dealership in the region, they are always looking to improve the quality and reach of their communications.

  • 6x Lead Generation
  • 44% E-Mail Open Rate

Brewing Demand


With the goal of serving the best coffee to cool people, Augie’s Coffee opened its first store in 2009 in Redands, on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

  • 21,000 Contacts Collected
  • 12% In Lost Customers Return
  • 35% Smart Message Open Rate

Building a contact list the Mr. Green WiFi way


Founded in 2007, Four Entertainment Group (4EG) is a 15 location group comprised of bars and restaurants throughout greater Chicago and Cincinnati. As $EG expanded in both physical locations and subsequent customer volume, they experienced difficulty in effectively marketing to their visitors and cultivating loyalty amongst all customers-new and old.

  • 63,000+ Contacts Collected

Targeted Marketing with Mr. Green WiFi


When you think of Pinheads Bowling Center in Fishers, Indiana, thinkfamilyfun, entertainment and greatspotto hostournext event. Pinheads is known for serving over 30 craftbeers, hostinfg bowling leagues for all ages, outdoor volleyball courts, luxury arcade, and local live music.

  • 5,500+ Contacts Collected
  • 4,100 Return Customers
  • 20 Customer Frequency Rate

Booyah! Mooyah Keeps Customers Coming Back


Mooyah is a chain of fast casual restaurants headquartered in Plano, Texas. They’re famous for 100% Angus Beef burgers, fries that take 24 hours to cook a and real ice cream shakes. Brothers Josh and Lucas Bergeson, along with their father Randall, own franchise locations in Fitchburg and Madison, Wisconsin.

  • 1,079 Contact Collected Per Month
  • 87.5% Survey Completion
  • 4.7 Average Rating
  • 73 Reviews Received

Carwash Customer Engagement on Auto-Pilot


Mr. Green WiFi boosts unlimited car wash program enrollment for a 5-location car wash group in Tennessee.

  • 41% Customer Frequency Rate
  • 1,400 Contacts Collected In 30 Days
  • 45 New Contacts Per Week

Connecting Customers With Chef Daniel Boulud’s Dinex Group


The Dinex Group is internationally acclaimed French chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud’s vision of high-quality fine-dining and quick-service restaurants.

  • 64,000 Contacts Collected In Just 1 Year
  • 5.7% Customer Frequency Rate

The Call of the Mall


Grossmont Center, located in La Mesa, California, attracts thousands of visitors a day to its top-notch retail stores, restaurants, and the entertainment offerings for all ages. this outdoor shopping mall is a community-focused place for people to meet up and have a good time.

  • 30,000 Contacts Collected
  • 56% Of WiFi Users Are Repeat Visitors
  • 500 New Contacts Collected Each Month

Smart marketing with Mr. Green WiFi


Founded in 1981, Las Palapas offers delicious Mexican food to the San Antonio, Texas Community. Gene Larson, a successful business owner of two other restaurant concepts, became a new franchisee in 2004 opening a single Las Palapas (LP) location at Leon Spring with his partner.

  • 2,600+ Contacts Collected
  • 4,100 Return Customers
  • 15% Customer Return Rate

Mr. Green WiFi Helps Pieology Maintain a Tasty Reputation


Managing reputation was top of mind for MK Investments. They operate eleven pieology franchises throughout California, Minnesota and Texas.

  • 13,000 Contacts Collected In The First 10 Months
  • 4.6 Average Rating From 288 Total Reviews
  • 35-40% Growth On Special Offers
  • 51 Negative Reviews Intercepted

Down at The Pub Hearty Food, Good Beer and Guest WiFi


Who doesn’t love a good pub – Comfort, warmth, hearty food and good beer. the Tavern Restaurant Group opened its first pub in 1973 committed to bringing this durable English concept to the US.

  • 48,707 Contacts Collected
  • 7,670 Customer Return

Goodbye, Comment Cards: TMG Improves Its Reach with Mr. Green’s WiFi


The Trifect Management Group (TMG) is a heavy – hitting team of seasoned professionals known for creating, consulting on and managing some of the restaurant industry’s most dynamic concepts and brands.

  • 38,573 Contacts Collected
  • 10X More Contacts Collected Than Comment Cards
  • 55,738 Customer Frequency Rate With An Average Ticket Price of $15 (approx. $836,000 in sales)
  • 30% Increased Email Open Rates

The Social Diner using Mr. Green WiFi to Show ROI for Clients


Andrew Voirol, the Social Diner, specializes in marketing and IT management solutions for the hospitality industry. His services include social media management, email marketing campaigns, website design and digital advertising, like Google Adwords.

Antony’s Coal Fired Pizza uses Mr. Green WiFi to treat customers like family


Anthony Bruno will tell you, ” the best New York pizza comes from Florida.” A New York native, Anthony began making his own pizza because he couldn’t find a decent slice in the south.

  • 2x Loyalty Program Reach
  • 150,000 New Customer Emails Collected
  • 1,800 Lapsed Customers Brought Back

Cultivating loyal customers


Max Brenner is an international chocolate brand that offers its customers innovative and immersive chocolate experiences. Max brenner has become a destination for chocolate lovers.

  • 5,000+ Contacts Collected

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