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The Challenge

Tim Watson, a lawyer situated in Fayetteville, AR, contacted us with an aspiration to develop his marketing vision further. At that time, he had been running a billboard campaign along the highway. The message was straightforward: "Who Is Tim Watson?" Consequently, we began discussing how to elaborate on this initial marketing endeavor and make it more meaningful and effective.

The Solution

As a marketing agency committed to driving results, we devised a comprehensive solution for Tim Watson to enhance his marketing presence:

1. We discussed the creation of a primary video that would clearly convey Tim's identity, supported by additional videos to strengthen his personal brand.

2. We developed a dedicated website (separate from his law firm's site),, to serve as a central hub for all information about Tim, that would point to his legal practice.

3. We initiated a Google Ads campaign to increase online visibility and drive potential clients to the website of his choosing - personal or law firm.

4. We engaged in social media marketing, utilizing various platforms to reach a wider audience and showcase Tim's expertise.

5. We search engine optimized Tim's Google My Business profile to ensure his law firm appeared prominently in local search results.

By implementing these strategies, we aimed to significantly expand Tim Watson's marketing reach and increase his client base.

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Video Production

The captivating video produced by Mr. Green Marketing not only served as a key component of our marketing strategy for Tim Watson, but also provided an in-depth answer to the pivotal question, "Who is Tim Watson?"

By showcasing Tim's personality, interests, and expertise, the video offered a comprehensive portrayal of his identity, effectively conveying his essence to the audience. This thorough representation allowed viewers to truly understand and connect with Tim Watson, significantly enhancing the impact of our marketing approach.

Supporting Videos

The supporting videos we created for Tim Watson focused on various areas of law he specializes in, including contract law, real estate law, and construction law, among others. These informative and engaging videos proved to be invaluable assets for our digital marketing efforts on Google.

By incorporating these videos into targeted Google Ads campaigns, we were able to highlight Tim's extensive knowledge and expertise in these specific legal areas. This approach not only enhanced the appeal of the advertisements but also made them more relatable and relevant to potential clients seeking legal assistance in those fields.

The integration of these supporting videos into our digital marketing strategy significantly increased the effectiveness of our campaigns, resulting in greater visibility for Tim's law practice, higher click-through rates, and ultimately, a larger client base.

"I had a client come in yesterday, a new client, and we talked about their case for a while and then she told me that she used to be in marketing and asked who handled my marketing. I told her about you guys And she asked if you had submitted any of the videos for awards. I told her I didn’t think so, she said that they are seriously the best small business commercials she has ever seen and everybody in the marketing community talks about them.”

-Tim Watson Jr

Making The Local News


This captivating video not only showcased Tim's expertise in the legal field but also managed to capture the attention of a local news station. Recognizing his knowledge and communication skills, the news station invited Tim to become a monthly expert, providing valuable insights on legal matters.

This opportunity allowed Tim to further establish himself as an authority in the legal field, while also expanding his reach to a wider audience. As a result, Tim's reputation as a trusted legal expert was strengthened, and his law practice experienced an increase in visibility and client inquiries.


We devised a multi-faceted approach to Google advertising, creating several different types of campaigns that effectively targeted Tim's desired audience. As a result, the Watson and Watson Law Firm experienced a remarkable increase in inbound calls, with over 200% growth.

The law firm also decided to expand its operations and opened a new office in Memphis. In just 21 days of running our targeted ads in the area, they had already acquired two paying clients, with several promising leads in the pipeline. This impressive outcome was achieved with a modest ad spend of only $300.

Our tailored and strategic Google advertising approach not only demonstrated the power of effective digital marketing but also played a crucial role in the Watson and Watson Law Firm's expansion and client acquisition efforts. The success of these campaigns allowed the firm to confidently invest in growth, and they continue to reap the benefits of our marketing expertise.


Increase in calls
from potential clients



Recognizing the importance of maintaining the intrigue and interest generated by Tim's billboard marketing, we decided to create a unique one-page landing page website for him, rather than simply directing traffic to the existing Watson and Watson Law Firm website. The goal was to preserve the curiosity sparked by the "Who Is Tim Watson?" campaign, while still providing a gateway to Tim's law practice.

We developed as a visually appealing and engaging landing page that offered just enough information to pique visitors' interest and encourage them to explore further. This strategically crafted website served as a bridge, seamlessly connecting visitors to the main law firm's site when they were ready to learn more about Tim's legal services.

The implementation of this landing page strategy proved to be highly successful. It not only aligned with Tim's original marketing vision but also enhanced the overall effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts. By creating a captivating user experience, we were able to draw in potential clients and drive increased traffic to Tim's law firm website, ultimately contributing to the growth of his client base.

Who is Tim Watson Billboard
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