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Rank Higher on Google, Capture More Leads

For Better SEO, Focus on Helping Your Local Community

In days gone by search engine optimization (SEO) tactics concentrated on complicated formulas, algorithms, and cramming as many keywords on a page as possible.

Now, Google uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what thw user experience will be like for a given individual and their search. Using multiple data points, Google can tell what the user experience will be like for a given website based on the user’s search intent. Google then ranks your web page accordingly.

Super-charge your website with Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

Your WordPress site can reach individuals in the local area who are looking for your services on Google or Bing. Assist them by creating landing pages that are relevant, quality content with specific keywords, targeting your town, city, state or region where you do business.


Where Does “Geo-Targeting” Come In?

With regards to local search, a basic factor Google uses to decide your site positioning or ranking has much to do with how close you are to the prospect.

By using multiple geographical targeted landing pages designated to a specific town or city, we provide Google and individuals searching the internet highly contextualized quality content, thus significantly increasing the likelihood of them finding you.

Geographically targeted pages work very well for single location businesses and multi-address locations for any business, non-profit or organization.

What Makes Our Geo-Targeted
Landing Pages So Effective?

  • Target local customers actively searching for your services
  • Handcrafted by people who understand your industry
  • Detailed keyword research ensures proper targeting
  • 100% fully compliant with Google’s guidelines – no shortcuts, hacks or spammy methods
  • Optimized using best practices and white hat (only) SEO tactics
  • Published over time so Google sees freshness
  • Boost local (maps) listings on Google and Bing
  • Landing pages improve internal linking within your website
  • Inspire confidence in visitors

Lead-Focused Local SEO

Contact individuals in your area who are effectively looking for your services. Acquaint them with your business or association with lovely, mobile-friendly content that ranks high on SERPs (search engine results pages). You’ll provide relevant answers and content to their inquiries and use a call to action for them to contact you.

Sky Rocket Search Rankings

Boost your website’s organic search rankings, map ranking, and continue to generate new leads for days, weeks, months and years to come.

New Customer Leads

The geographically-targeted landing pages includes customized pages, multiple address locations if desired, so you can connect with your entire service area.

Targeted Keywords

Keyword optimization is critical for success with any search engine optimization campaign. Our refined analysis will pull the best terms for your specific business. Diligently mining out relevant words for your business will pay off in the long run when customers easily find you on the internet.

Highest Value

Geographically-targeted landing pages provide rich content, custom to a region, which proves to be the highest dollar value content available. This SEO approach is expensive but worth every penny because it's a long lasting asset you own.

Highly Customized

These geographically hand crafted pages are customized to accentuate your company, services, strengths and sell you to browsing prospects. Using the WordPress platform (which Google loves) your pages Your landing pages are individually made for your WordPress website, and are 100% fully compliant with Google’s guidelines; no shortcuts or hacks.

Geo Encrypted Images

Geo Encrypted Images provide search engines such as Google and Bing with extra data about where you're located. This data helps draw traffic of searches in close proximity to you. Few companies utilize or implement this approach and sets you apart from your competition.

Enhance Website

Custom Geographically-targeted landing pages enhance your businesses website and local SEO capabilities.

Ranking Stats

We track your keyword rankings and will deliver those stats directly to your inbox regularly.

We have multiple case studies for you to review should that be of interest to you.

Our custom approach to SEO will set you apart from your competition in meaningful ways.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are the same as a webpage, except landing pages are specifically created to draw a particular person to it and take a specific action. Prospects can find these pages through search engines, social media, email and so forth.

What are geographically-targeted landing pages?

Geographically-targeted landing pages are individual landing pages designed with local content, topics and pictures for a local audience, typically a town, city or region. These pages benefit prospects because they help them find relevant content that will answer their question and help you serve more people. These pages serve to help the prospect and provide Google, Bing and other search engines with relevant content.

Geo-targeted landing pages are an excellent way to improve organic search engine traffic, and often outrank competitors who don’t have these pages. They also have a side benefit of reducing costs and improving ad rankings for pay per click campaigns.

Can geographically-targeted landing pages be applied to any website?

No. This approach only works with WordPress websites. If you want to change your site or need a brand new site, we can help you get where you need to go.

Will people see all these landing pages when they visit our website directly?

The landing pages are designed to show up for a specific set of search phrases. People searching will find 1 landing page that matches their search. They generally will not find all the webpages. Once on the landing page, they’ll then flow into the regular navigation of the overall site. You’re going to love the new traffic, rankings and leads.

Can’t I just have my web designer do this for me?

Anything is possible. This process combines design, development and understanding of SEO combined into one. When you’re creating 50, 100, 300 pages this can get pricing with a developer.You really need to know what you’re doing in this space. Sometimes it’s best to just order the burger, not make the burger yourself.

Other agencies offer similar Local SEO strategies at outrageous prices. How can you do it at such a low cost?

We have a proprietary process that helps us to produce landing pages much more efficiently than the traditional webpage process. This process allows us to pass the savings on to you, giving you superior quality landing pages and you enjoy steady growth in your SEO strategy.

Connect with people searching for you.

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