Welcom to Mr. Green Marketing, LLC.

Joshua and Andy met working together at a globally recognized TV station with US headquarters located in Kansas City, Kansas at the time. Joshua was part of the business development and marketing team, while Andy was a part of the video production team. They ended up becoming friends and even more so after they individually moved on from the network. 

Years later they found themselves in an interesting place in time regarding their respective careers. After one particular breakfast at “First Watch” they began discussing the future and decided to form a partnership creating a digital marketing agency. 

On May 2nd, 2019 Mr. Green Marketing, LLC was launched! That same day, they received their first check for marketing services! It was miraculous and amazing to both founders. These were exciting times as everything was so fresh and new!

Since then Mr. Green Marketing, LLC has created websites, launched new brands, developed new company logos, exponentially increased traffic via PPC and SEO efforts for clients and ultimately helped grow business after business!

After kicking around all kinds of names and options, the idea of Mr. Green was put forth. The two founders explored the name on the internet and discovered no other marketing companies existed with this name. The name is so dynamic with ideas and options for branding.

Green is the color of life, prosperity and growth.

We wanted to have a “mascot” and so having a business man – Mr. Green was perfect for branding and communication.

MeetMrGreen.com and MrGreenMarketing.com were both available. We were pumped!

No. We are not a marketing company that focuses on marketing THC products exclusively. We didn’t even think about this when starting out that people might think we were a marketing agency focused on this particular vertical.

With that said, we’ve helped a couple different companies in the CBD space with video production, seo, social media and branding services to name a few.

Mr. Green Marketing, LLC is a boutique agency that’s very hands on and custom to the individual business. We have multiple teams that specialize in a given arena whether that be web development, graphic design, social media, pay per click advertising and so forth.

As time moves forward the world of marketing only grows. Having a team of premiere experts in their given area of expertise is imperative for defining success for our clients.

Yes. We have case studies we are working on for video, seo, websites, pay-per-click, Amazon and so much more. It takes time to put these together and our team is constructing these at the moment. 

We were founded in Kansas City. We became an international company almost immediately with both customers and staff residing in other countries beyond the borders of the USA.

Fond of the city of Kansas City and the people, the beaches and mountains were calling.

Joshua has since moved to the panhandle of Florida and Andy has moved to the Colorado Springs area.


Mr. Green Marketing, LLC continues to grow with customers and staff, which we’re both grateful and thankful for. It’s wonderful working with and serving such amazing people.

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