Top 12 Reasons You Should Start a Video Podcast Channel in 2024



Start A Podcast Channel

Start a podcast channel? The importance of video marketing for businesses cannot be stressed enough. An essential of video marketing is running a video podcast channel for your company. Podcasts offer a ton of benefits that businesses might not have even thought about. More and more people are getting tired of listing to music every morning and are switching to podcasts. The number is only likely to increase in 2024. Hence, it is crucial that you start a video podcast channel if you want to remain competitive in the world today.

Podcasts are packed with information and have the right amount of entertainment and banter to keep people engaged. They are a sleeping giant that most businesses tend to overlook when creating content. This post sheds light at why you have to launch a video podcast channel in 2024. The earlier you start the better. Let’s take a look at the top 12 reasons you’ve got to start a podcast channel today!

1. Low Competition

One of the main reasons why it is vital that you create a podcast is because there is low competition. With the content marketplace experiencing immense competition, it is important that you find new ways to create content and connect with your target audience. Podcasts offer high engagement and low competition. This makes it the best technique to win your customers over. Studies reveal that there are only 700,000 podcasts airing. Considering that there are over 80 million Facebook business pages, that is less than one percent. Although there might be some other podcasts that discuss topics relevant to your business, it is far easier for you to find success.

2. Convenient and Engaging

Another reason why video podcast channels are going to be the hottest trend in 2024 is because customers find them to be highly convenient and engaging. Minimum effort is required by the listener. This makes podcasts the perfect option to engage with customers. Unlike blogs that contain written content that needs to be read, a podcast listener only needs to press play and start listening. It makes it the most convenient option for millennials who are masters of multitasking.


3. Mobile-Friendly Content Option

The reason why businesses are realizing that starting a video podcast channel is the best thing ever is because it is another mobile-friendly content option. It requires low effort due to its mobile-friendly nature. People like to listen to their favorite podcasts while commuting to work using their smartphones. Close to 69 percent of podcast listeners use their smartphones. Businesses need to focus on adopting mobile-friendly content types to remain relevant. Podcast listeners have no trouble consuming content at home, in the car, at the gym, or elsewhere.

4. Gaining Popularity

There are new podcast listeners every single day. The number of podcast listeners is on the rise. In 2018, there were around 48 million weekly podcast listeners and the number is expected to increase to 115 million by 2024. Therefore, 2024 is the ideal time to start a video podcast channel. It is an important time for marketers to cash in on the content type. By joining the podcast game now, you will get to beat the crowd and develop an audience before the competition kicks in.

5. Extremely Loyal Audience

If there is one thing that you should know, it is the fact that podcast listeners tend to be extremely loyal. This is why you need to launch a video podcast channel before or by 2024 if you want to develop your very own podcast audience. It will allow you to get ahead of the competition since the listeners will remain loyal to your brand. Podcast audiences develop a relationship with the host and check back regularly to see if a new podcast episode has been uploaded. Thus, by developing a strong audience of loyal listeners, you get to establish a presence before the podcast boom.

6. Interactive Options

Podcasts are an excellent medium for interacting with your target audience. There are plenty of options to engage and foster a loyal audience. Hosts can take calls, answer questions, and create audience polls just like a traditional radio show. It entices listeners to continue tuning to the show and consuming more of your content. Podcasts are not just an audio platform where users listen to updates. The interactivity between the host and the audience solidifies a connection that translates into brand loyalty.

7. Allows Businesses to Become the Expert in Their Industry

Starting a video podcast channel in 2024 is just the beginning. When you continue to upload content, you get to provide your audience with all the answers they need. This allows you to become an expert in your industry. Besides, you can call experts on your show for interviews. This will help you develop a professional network and credibility in your field.

8. Cost-Effective

Perhaps, the best thing about pods is that they make for a cost-effective content type. When it comes to creation costs, podcasts tend to be scalable similar to video and photo content. The cost of running a podcast channel depends entirely on quality. Although you can utilize smartphones for shooting exceptional content, you can take your content to the next level by investing in professional equipment. It is up to you to increase or decrease the podcast budget.

9. Flexible

Another great thing about video podcast channels is that they are very flexible. You can divert the content to keep up with the latest trends. It is this flexibility that will help you remain competitive in the 21st century. Meet the demands of your audience by changing content based on what they want.

10. Give Back

People are loyal to businesses that give back to society. One of the best ways to give back is by launching a video podcast channel. By developing content such as informative guides, case studies, and other well-researched content, you get to provide a ton of information to your audience. It allows you to showcase your technical prowess and answer all types of questions concerning your products and services. You can even teach your audience how to use your products and many new things to keep them hooked.

11. Higher Disposable Income

A study conducted in 2016 showed that the average podcast listener earned about $10,000 more than the average American. This reveals that listeners earn more and enjoy a much higher disposable income. Thus, they would be more likely to spend on their favorite businesses. Cater to this high-value market segment by starting a video podcast channel of your own. Besides, these individuals tend to be college-educated, unlike the average consumer which means that they would be more open to learning about complex products and services that can make their lives a whole lot easier.


12. Content Publishing Consistency

Finally, a reason that will make you start a video podcast channel in 2024 is the fact that podcast channels offer content publishing consistency. You can easily schedule all of the podcasts and sit back and watch what your audience has to say. It allows you to create a ton of buzz surrounding your show. Besides, it will help your business stay in the mind of your audience. It does wonders for your brand awareness. You will be surprised by just how effective content publishing consistency is in helping you grow your brand.


Conclusion. Start A Podcast Channel Today!

Now that you have gone over this, you must have realized just how important it is to start a video podcast channel in 2024. Podcasts offer endless benefits. To launch an amazing podcast channel, you should hire a company such as Mr. Green Marketing for the best video production services. The company will work with your content team to create stellar content. It is always better to hire an experienced firm to help you out every step of the way rather than going at it alone.

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